Jetall GPU JTL28B
     JTL28B, solid state controlled Battery Cart provides a quiet, perfectly regulated 28.5 volts DC current for use in hangar or aircraft side on the ramp. Capable of starting jet aircraft and turbine aircraft.
     JTL28B Battery Cart combines economy, efficiency and maneuverability to give you the power you need, when & where you need it.
     The JTL28B has a built in “soft start” capability designed to provide minimum stress on the aircraft accessory drive system. JTL28B GPU will easily deliver 800 continuous amperes with up to 1,500 amperes peak for starting. This is adequate for most aircraft.

Input Power Requirement
• 28.5 volt input from Battery Charger when recharge of the unit is required

Output Power Performance
• Nominal voltage of 28.5 volt, DC
• 672 ampere/hour
• 1,500 amp momentary peak output

• Battery protected in custom fitted enclosure

• Powder coat rather than paint provides superior weather resistance, flexibility and adhesion, plus a strong resistance to chemical agents such as glycol and Skydrol
• Standard colour is High Gloss White

• Meters: voltmeter 0 to 50 volts (measure status of charge in batteries)
• Indicator lights: contactor on
• Switches: contactor On/Off

• 14 volt output capability
• Battery heater system
• DC output cable, 6.1 meters (20 feet), 4 AWG
• Custom colours are available